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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lost Recording: Farewell, Amanda

Sinatra Scholar Ed O'Brien was kind enough to share a little history about this lost song, recorded on this date in 1949:

1949 MGM Soundstage, Hollywood, California
Farewell, Amanda
(Cole Porter)
Conductor: Johnny Green
(Not used in the film "Adam's Rib"

MGM commissioned Cole Porter to write a song for the Tracy-Hepburn film "Adam's Rib."  Porter used the same music that he had written for an unpublished song in 1940, "So Long, Samoa."

The title for the 1949 song was "Farewell, Amanda."  David Wayne sang it during a scene with Hepburn. (She was Amanda.)

There was also a six-second Sinatra vocal of the song. Sinatra recorded the complete song on August 8, 1949 on the MGM soundstage. The orchestra was conducted by Johnny Green. There were four takes and the running time was 1:17. The vocal cannot be located. Prior to the Sinatra vocal, a fellow named Gil Merchon also did four takes with Green conducting.


I loved you madly, you know it well,
Which makes my story too tough to tell,
So why not forget it all,
Just leave it unsaid,
And I'll merely sing it to you instead,

Farewell, Amanda,
Adios, addio, adieu,
Farewell, Amanda,
It was great fun but it is done, it's through,
Still now and then, fair Amanda,
When you are stepping on the stars above,
Please recall that wonderful night on the veranda,
Sweet Amanda, and our love.

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